Iron levels and fatigue

Nice to be able to put a number on a few months of unexplained fatigue! Blood tests show decreased (fortunately not yet depleted) iron stores… Aligns very well with feelings of slugginess and delayed recovery, (shorter) training performance in itself still being perfectly okay but an inability to push in extreme environments in my last […]


Don't think, just do.

Ever tried, ever failed

To win, you first have to loose. Famous lines that have proven all too true in my last two long distance races. When I sat down to write this blog I thought a cup of coffee would help. So I put some milk on the stove and…forgot it…so the milk boiled over and burned. Not […]

XTERRA Denmark versus Kronborg 70.3

As long as you remember the race, one can report on it. I had obviously aimed to write these race reports much earlier, but the last few weeks and months have been more of a survival run than a recovery jog. Now the dust from moving twice (Stockholm/Wageningen–>Halmstad and again, Halmstad), from starting a new […]



Ironman Kalmar Advice

Kalmar Ironman is just a few days away. Advice to competing athletes comes from all directions.   My advice: don’t listen to advice. Don’t panic because it seems ‘others’ are better prepared, better organised, have better equipment and just generally, look fitter and faster. Don’t change the race plan you made when you still had […]


I have done many mountainbike races in rainy or muddy conditions. Used to that. I have run off road, through mud and in the rain. Used to that. Swimming makes me exhausted by default so I am used to that, too. However, I wasn’t prepared for the combination of all 3 in XTERRA France. But […]


Absa Cape Epic 2014 Stage 7 Elgin to Somerset West

Stage 7 Cape Epic – 4th place (says it all)

Yes it has been three weeks since this day – but it feels like yesterday. The excitement and thrill of such riding is not easily forgotten. In contrast, they are still fresh in our memories. ‘Damn, we were fast’ – something we still remind each other of regularly.   The day didn’t start that great […]

Absa Cape Epic Stage 6: Singletrack heaven

After 7 days of riding (one prologue, 6 stages), you’d imagine feeling horribly tired, wasted, exhausted, ready to give your bike to the first guy/girl that wants it (maybe not so many in the camp). But no, today was absolutely wonderful. Technical singletrack riding, real mountainbiking, and a stage perfect for us. After yesterday’s hell, […]


Absa Cape Epic and the human spirit

Cape Epic is never easy, and nothing different this year. It seems every stage has had a surprising twist so far. What was supposed to be an easy stage, stage 2, turned into my worst day so far. Torrential downpours had turned the trails into one big pool of mud. That took a lot of […]

Stage 1 Absa Cape Epic

What a day. Not just 113km, also 3100 m of climbing. But we are alive and kicking! Our alarm clock this morning (at 5.15) was someone playing the South African anthem on bagpipes. Despite that we heard stories of people oversleeping and having to rush to the start at the last minute. Not a great […]



Prologue Absa Cape Epic: game on!

First challenge completed successfully. The 23 km prologue was a fun mix of steep climbs and technical descents. Compared to the 2009 edition, it’s promising to be even more technical. Slippery, sandy, steep descends with many sharp rocks. First mental note, don’t stay too close to Eric as dust makes it hard to see obstacles. […]

Taper from hell

Sunday afternoon and here I am, all by myself, on the couch. My friends are out biking but I didn’t join. I am tapering. Saving my energy, with only 7 days left before the start of the Cape Epic. I scheduled two weeks of peak training and one week of hardcore taper. In these weeks […]

Taper from hell


Training schedules and cookies

Only 36 days left to the prologue of the Cape Epic…we are looking forward to the adventure, great atmosphere, beautiful landscapes, hard and long days in the saddle. But there is still a decent amount of training to be done. I promised to write about the background of my training program, for you to read […]

training intensity

Training intensity of elite athletes

Did you know… …That elite athletes spend only about 10-15% of their training time over lactate treshold levels (>4 mM lactate)? For example: – Kenyan 5K and 10K elite runners ran 85% of their training kilometers below treshold speed (Bilat et al, 2003) – Elite rowers (2000m, 6-7 min races) spent only 4-10% of training […]

Great holiday reads

The last week I have posted some links to interesting reads on training and exercise on Facebook. I realised not everyone might have access to FB or have seen the posts, so here they are in a blog form   1. Forefoot strike might be better for the knee, but puts higher stress on Achilles […]

Work hard, play hard

As athletes, we are a bit like a children. Happy when the sun shines and you can go play outside. Sulky on a rainy day. Summer days, time to play outside For the last few weeks, I have been more like a toddler in its Terrible Two period. No to everything I should do but […]

Places to run

One of the great things about running, is that you can do it anywhere. So I always throw a pair of running shoes in my travel bag. Whether travels are for vacation or for work. It’s a nice way to get to know the city you are in, and, in case of travel for work, […]