Cape Epic

Magical and untamed. Two words that only touch on the edges of the experience it is to ride the Cape Epic. I rode the race in 2009 and have been wanting to go back every since. However, that is even harder than signing up for an Ironman or Ö till Ö. Places are alloted through a lottery. Luck wasn’t on our side at first. Both me and my partner Eric didn’t get a place. Since giving up is not a word in our vocabulary, we started to explore other options to get an entry.

Both Eric and I (Eric more than me) sometimes write for an online bike test and review magazine in the Netherlands, Velozine. So we decided to push for a media entry. We had almost lost hope… and then we were alloted an entry.

The only thing that is left now is to train, train, train. Did I mention we have to train? 8 days, 800 km and 15.000 climbing meters in the burning African sun. Drink 6 liters of sports drink a day and at night, sleep in tents. One of the many amazing experiences the Cape Epic is, is that the camps are set up close to villages and the local people are given the opportunity to help out in organisation. That not only results in the most delicious meals, but also a real economic stimulus. So they get a fair price for our priceless experience.

To support our race, we are looking for sponsors. Are you or your company interested in joining efforts and associating your name with us and this great event? Contact me for more information. I would be happy to explain how we think we can help your company benefit from our experience.

Learn more about the race in the Cape Epic Intro video. Or just come back to my blog for regular updates!

Photo courtesy to Absa Cape Epic/photographer Kelvin Trautman (with permission)