Are you an atlete eager to test your limits?DS1-Start-finish-line

Do you want maximal effect out of your limited training time?

Do you want a training schedule based on the latest scientific insights rather than the latest media hype?

Would you want a coach who knows what is like to train and race hard, to win and to loose? A coach that also knows what it is like to combine a full-time job and lots of training hours with a life outside of sports?

If you answer any of these questions with yes, then I suggest you read on. Perhaps I can help you to the next level in your training and racing.


To get faster, or go further, you need to know your limits. And then crush them. Perhaps you need to work on your endurance, or the capacity to run, bike or swim fast for long periods. But your limits might not only be physiological. Adequate nutrition, a strong race mentality and a training schedule that really works for you are essential stones in the road to success.

Having a PhD in exercise physiology, I only use training methods that have been proven to work. I am on top of the most recent scientific developments, but I won’t implement a media hype that has no scientific ground to stand on. As your coach, I continuously analyse your strengths and weaknesses, at all levels, to see where you can improve. That includes analysis of training and test data, monitoring your progression by frequent field tests, and of course adequate adjustment of your schedule based on what I find. We will also work on your race mentality and if necessary, I can analyse your nutritional needs to make sure you have the energy for all training.

Coaching is not just for elite athletes. In contrast, much can be gained by starting your racing career the right way immediately. And if you are already experienced and have come to a plateau in your achievements, then a fresh look on your training schedule can do miracles.

Finally, I have more than 10 years of racing experience on an international level. I know what it is to be a time-crunched athlete. I know what it is to win, to fail, to cross that finish line after all hours of hard work. And I am dedicated to getting you there as well.

Interested in crossing your borders? Contact me and I would be happy to explain what I can do for you.

What I offer

- Coaching towards races/events in endurance type sports (running, biking, triathlon) on every level, from beginner to elite.

- Scientific advice on training strategies, for example on training/racing in extreme conditions such as in heat, cold or at high altitude.

- Nutritional advice, with a focus on sport nutrition and weight loss/gain.

- Personal training sessions to improve bike, swim or run technique as well as transition area (triathlon) training

- Lectures on exercise physiology, training strategies and (sports) nutrition

I am fluent in English (and Dutch of course) and have a functional understanding of Swedish and German. You are free to communicate in any of these languages, though you may expect my communication to be in English.

What it costs

Intake or consult

We will go through everything I need to know about your training. I will give you brief advice on nutrition, equipment and basic training principles. A consult can also be booked if you just want scientific advice on training, nutrition or mental aspects of racing. An intake session is done in person or by phone, scientific advice can also be emailed to you. Costs: 550SEK per hour

Personal coaching

Personal coaching includes ca 1 hour of personal coach contact per month (email/phone), adjustment of training schedule as well as unlimited contact per email on urgent questions. Since it’s hardly expected to see real progress in less than 3 months, a minimum commitment of 3 months is advised. Costs: 1200SEK per month.

Prices are including VAT. Approved for F-skatt.

What others say

What she doesn’t know about diet and training is not worth knowing.”’ (Running Sweden)

Thank you for your really inspiring lectures” (Lina Fredriksson)